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ETALON Cell stimulates telomerase activity in a regulated manner and the level of the enzyme rises only within safe limits (the so-called "telomerase regulator" is taken into account). The use of the ETALON Cell dietary supplement significantly affects the dynamics of telomere shortening. The recommended course of application of ETALON Cell is at least 12 months, possibly with or without further use after a break. The break can be 0.5-2 years depending on individual conditions (age and previous condition of the organism - the better the condition, the longer the break).

• As a result of laboratory studies of the mitotic division of somatic cells, it has been shown that the reduction of telomeres is one of the main mechanisms causing:
• limitation of cell division
• genetic error due to unrealized apoptosis
• associated acceleration of degenerative processes, including aging of organ systems.

• The dynamics of telomere shortening have been shown to influence the development of diseases and pathologies such as bronchial asthma, atopic dermatitis and psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, premature aging and dysfunction of the entire immune system, coronary heart failure, chronic heart failure, atherosclerosis, heart attack myocardium, osteoporosis, type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, dementia, cirrhosis, metabolic syndrome and others.
• As people age, the dynamics of telomere shortening not only increases, but also the number of cell division cycles decreases. Therefore, the rate of telomere shortening can be considered a marker of general biological aging.
• The ability to increase telomerase activity has been demonstrated as a result of long-term intake of the ETALON Cell dietary supplement (minimum duration of 12 months). Based on the comparison of blood tests, it was proven that ETALON Cell is able to reduce the dynamics of telomere shortening, thus delaying the "aging" of the cell and mainly improving the quality of life during further aging.
• ETALON Cell is not a medicine. However, it very effectively creates the conditions for the body to respond much better to all preparations that heal the body and to heal itself much more effectively.

• Activates telomerase - an enzyme that reduces the shortening of telomeres.
• Slows down the aging process of cells, including cells of the immune system
• It supports mitochondrial function and thereby increases the overall energy level in the body
• Contains a powerful combination of antioxidants that protect cells from oxidative stress.
• Contains nutrients that support the body's stem cells, which in turn support natural rejuvenation mechanisms
• Supports natural cell repair and regeneration

The composition includes:
• Vitamin D3 - 400 IU
• Non-linear molecular complex of astragaloside (BAC-14) - 45 mg
• Hyaluronic acid - 15 mg,
• Biologically active cycloastragenol (BAC-16) - 2.5 mg.

Package contents: ≈180 g of gelatin capsules (approx. 750 pcs.)
Application: 2 capsules daily - anytime during the day and drink.
Expiration: The product has a shelf life of min. 3 years Store at room temperature. Do not expose to temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius and direct sunlight. It does not contain preservatives - therefore the capsules may stick together for a long time, which is not a problem - just shake
Manufactured by: INOMED s.r.o., Na Folimance 2155/15, PRAGUE 2, Czech Republic Distribution: ICARBIOS s.r.o., Legerova 39, PRAGUE 2, Czech Republic


User references

Important: The following information was provided and compiled by users and is
independent of the manufacturer and distributor.

Why ETALON Cell?
1. The number of cells that can be repaired will multiply and this leads to a "rejuvenation"
of the tissue structure
2. Oncological prevention
3. Unique technology unrivaled in the world
4. True and tested, see below Name at least one thing that can do the same thing.

Specific user references:
It's like going back to an earlier time of regeneration, relaxation and better mobility.
Woman, 61 years old, using the product for 12 months

After 4 months improvement of the skin on the neck, face and arms. More energy, stronger
body. I believe that my joint problems will improve even more and that I will eliminate
Borrelia and Chlamydia with EPI. Female, 67 years old, 10 months using the product After 3
months I stopped all chemical drugs, so three. Diabetes, pressure, neuropathy. Full of joy,
love, optimism. I have more energy, I can run further, I train enthusiastically, I'm losing
weight, I can do a lot more activities. i sleep less
Woman, 68 years old, 6 months using the product

After 3 months - skin, less pain in the joints - I'm only now feeling or realizing the greater
effect, but that's also because I was under stress when I started using it. Improved skin
texture (switch off), less tiredness, joint pain relief, better sleep (I fall asleep longer but
don't wake up at night). Also gone are the night sweats and hot flashes that used to wake
me up (but I've also been using EPI S)                                                                                     Woman, 55 years old, 6 months of product use

I don't know exactly, I felt good before, but people around me notice that I look more
youthful - I think after half a year I started to feel the change in mobility and endurance. I
realized this after abdominal surgery when I recovered very quickly. Quickly /incredible for
the treating doctor /my scars after the operation healed without any problems and actually
with joy I started to exercise regularly very soon after the operation and especially to go for
long walks every day /6-20 km/                                                                                   Woman, 76 years old, 14 months using the product


First improvement: skin in 5 months, energy in 9 months. Softer skin all over. Energetically
I'm still better, the unpleasant feeling of stress and anxiety for no reason has disappeared.
Woman, 69 years old, 9 months of using the product - improvement in physical condition -
after 3 months the knee pain stopped - recovery and increase in libido after 5 months of use
I feel a slight rejuvenation and radiance of the skin, more physical energy and more Joy and
joie de vivre :-)
Woman, 59 years old, 11 months using the product

Before using it, I had no health problems, only allergies during the spring months. Now
there are no more allergies and I have more energy. The quality of my hair and nails has
improved. In the winter months I did not have a cold or cough... Immunity is strengthened.
Woman, 60 years old, 7 months using the product
After 8 months I started to feel the effects. More energy and at the same time I take EPI and
it seems to me that the better effect of EPI is also noticeable. On April 1st I started taking
another pack of Etalon
Woman, 69 years old, 11 months using the product

Today I completed my one year EtalonCell treatment and I feel good. I have no joint pain,
back pain or other chronic ailments. Of course, my body is sensitive to mistakes in life
management and then it "eats" me! Just a week ago I celebrated my 60th birthday and
most of the well wishers sincerely wished I looked at least 10 years younger. I feel great
myself most of the time. but sometimes the dark moment of old age overcomes me. I
wanted to share my feelings and experiences.
Woman, 60 years old, 12 months using the product
None yet or I don't know
Mr. Frantisek, 80 years old, 9 months of intermittent use

I am 50 years old. Because I have health problems, I started taking ETALON. I've been taking
it for 10 days, which is a very short time, but I've noticed a change anyway, I don't have any
heart arrhythmias. I had cardiac arrhythmias for several years. Thank you for the divine
Woman, 50 years old, 12 months using the product

Original condition: Non-systemic pain in hip, pelvis, lower limbs, severe pain in right hand
muscle between elbow and shoulder, the pain prevented me from standing up, PDK pain in
shin, right knee pain - limited range of motion - kneeling and squatting , overweight about 7
kg, reading glasses LO lens - after cataract, PO + 2 dioptres, wrinkles, gray hair, autoimmune
disease of the thyroid gland - hypothyroidism Progress: after about 3 1/2 to 4 months all
pain has disappeared, I can kneel and squat, my energy has increased and even after about
five months of use, I notice that the pigment in my hair is returning, so the weight is the
Mrs. Anna, 70 years old, 9 months using the product

It has now been 9 months since I regularly pick up 2 golden beads every morning. It has
become a little morning ritual for me, when I swallow the pearls I imagine how my cells
become even more radiant and rejuvenated and I am grateful for this great "therapy".
Progress: I haven't felt any major changes in the first 6 months, and if I do, it's for the worse
- occasional pain in my left abdomen that I hadn't experienced before, joints, blurred vision,
a strange feeling in the prostate area, occasional increased shortness of breath and
sometimes there were even days when it wasn't even worth getting out of bed. But I saw it
as a preparation for upcoming changes and believed ... The changes came after about 8-9
months - more energy, lightness, alertness, increased sexual appetite, increased PSA
reached the levels after several years than Studying the results from the lab, the specialist
asked me helplessly during a regular check-up "Dude, what have you done to yourself?" And
I will never forget his surprised expression... I look forward to further improvements in the
coming weeks... . Thank you very much!
Mr. Vladimir, 60 years old

Intended use: Joints I've been using it since September and have noticed a big improvement
in my knee and shoulder joints since spring. The pain has decreased significantly and
mobility is better. The psyche has also improved.
Mrs. Jana, 63 years old

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